GUESS WHO GOT A NEW PET, isnt it cute? c: (and really fuckin hard to draw)

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Does anyone remember my Tauren warrior Maiara Steelhoof? No? Good. 

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I’ve been watching my friend play WoW on his warlock… this is all I can really think of with the Eye of Kilrogg spell. »

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I choose you cinder kitten!!

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Birthday gift for Vev he has a dr00d.. I have a dr00d. Time for a friendly birthday duel, Bearhug vs Starfall!

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crystalsong forest


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Oh hello.


This just happened…

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Tarecgosa over Stormwind City

Stormwind, Eastern Kingdoms


My Druid Kaldera contemplating near a moonwell. Yes I gave her antlers because reason.


I’m really excited to share this set. I’ve been farming those shoulders on and off for a couple months now. The chest is the original T3 chest, so you’ll have to find it on the BMAH or an alternative.

Helm: None
Shoulders: Shoulders of Empyreal Focus
Chest: Earthshatter Tunic
Waist: Brittle Flamereaver Belt
Legs: Sanctified Frost Witch’s Kilt
Feet: Windfury Sandals
Gloves: Cataclysm Gloves
Cloak: Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji (not shown)
Main hand: Seismic Bore
Off hand: Bulwark of the Fallen General



Things me and my brother do: Quote Statler and Waldorf in Karazhans opera hall.


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Some of my guildmates want to do challenge modes to get the mounts (siilver) so we’re looking to set up a run.

We’re going for silver but if gold happens that’s cool too.  It will be a learning run for most of the team. We need two dps (a shaman/mage would be awesome) but I’ll take whoever.

What do you need to do?

1) Be alliance

2) Send me a ask with your btag and I will add you and let you know when we’re going to plan the runs

3) Be patient and willing to learn/wipe most of the ppl on this team will be new to challenge modes

4) bring invis pots

blackoutkick: Do you hate me because the love we have for each other will never bloom or Do you have me because I'm such a mean person? 

I hate you for all the wrong reasons but love you for all the right ones