A fitting name

Barber shop on patch day

This is Morego. Morego was a level 1 human priest that served as my auction house slave for the expansion. Morego made bank until he had to go to the land of deleted toons to make room for a monk.

Goodbye Morego,you will be missed

These are by far my favorite mount descriptions

So close…yet so far away

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Soloing old content…is amazing now.

Stuff just falls over dead



Today marks 399 days of Seige of Orgrimmar

R.I.P. 5.4

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I wish I had to tools to make WoW videos to properly portray my contempt for druids and love of memes but I don’t so here we are

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We were doing 3v3 arenas and I decided to doodle while healing them.
This is for one of my friends who played a boomkin.